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Blaha and Frazier file appeals to earn spot on U.S. Senate ballot

Keyser appealed and argued that state officials unfairly threw out dozens of signatures. State election rules require that Senate candidates looking to make the ballot through the signature or "petition" process must gather 1,500 or more signatures from each of Colorado's seven congressional districts . Colorado's secretary of state originally declared that Keyser had fallen short in one congressional district.
The Denver Post
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People The Daily News predicts finale deaths, hook-ups and cliffhangers during May sweeps

Entertainment Barry is going up against Zoom in the "Flash" season finale. It has to be one of them Byron Cohen/ABC The "Scandal" finale will probably see Olivia back in the arms of either Jake or Fitz . Will Sheldon try to propose to Amy again in the "Big Bang Theory" finale. again.“Mom”: The shocking death came in February with Jodi, so there’s no way the finale will go that dark. His mother’s already going to be in town anyway, and so will Leonard’s, his preferred matriarch.
Daily News
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Cheer up GOP, maybe Trump is the next Truman: Column

They wanted to be left alone.They also wanted a bit more bread on the table. They had had enough of war, enough of sacrifice, even enough of bravery. But it describes Harry Truman some 70 years before.With a bit of help from Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill, Truman terminated the wartime alliance of the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union. Pollsters are now busy setting their fee scales for the 2018 midterms.They may well be right.
USA Today
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Tech Google Search data shows more New York primary interest for Sanders than Clinton

For those interested in big data, the Google Trends Twitter account is an interesting follow.New York search interest in @BernieSanders and @HillaryClinton leading up to #NewYorkPrimary pic.twitter.com/RerxcGVQud. During elections and other major events, Google Trends usually posts interesting statistics and data visualizations based on search results.
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Hillary Clinton to ‘keep it light’ the night before the New York primary on ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ 

Staab/AP The former Secretary of State will be on the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Monday night. View Gallery Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign TRANSCRIPT: HILLARY CLINTON MEETS WITH THE DAILY NEWS EDITORIAL BOARDThey'll also talk about health care, but the Affordable Care Act won't be mentioned."All Americans should have access to health care," she said. Monday's guest @HillaryClinton has a lot of big ideas, and also several smaller ones.
Daily News
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Hillary Clinton's White House car is for sale, but it's probably not what you'd expect

'LIKE' US HERE.The catch: it's not exactly a car fitting of the First Lady. Lawn bought the car for his own daughter to use as a starter car, but apparently teenage girls aren't into 14-year-old Oldsmobile sedans, regardless of who used to own it, so it's spent much of the next 16 years sitting dormant as well.READ ABOUT OTHER CELEBRITY CARS HERE.Lawn said he tried selling the car in 2011 but wasn't successful.
Daily News
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Why Wyoming has star turn in the Panama Papers

and in Wyoming may not necessarily even include reference to the fact that MF’s Nevada or Wyoming “offices” are the registering representative of the companies. She refers to Wyoming as just another product offering for clients.“If someone asks (for) a company in Nevada,” she said, “l say why not offer them one in Wyoming.”. the company,” said Heather Lowe, legal counsel and director of government affairs for Global Financial Integrity, a research group based in Washington.
USA Today
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