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Three times a charm? Sheridan nixes anti red-light camera effort again

missing the required 452 threshold by four signatures.She cited illegibility, discrepancies in the spellings of voter names and a failure by several voters to list Sheridan as their city of residence as reasons to strike the names down.Earlier this month, Sagee had invalidated the petition because it was short by seven signatures.
The Denver Post
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Littleton to consider abolishing its urban renewal authority

Councilman Jerry Valdes first proposed that the authority, named Littleton Invests For Tomorrow, be dismantled at a meeting last month."It's been a rough go for urban renewal in the city of Littleton," he told his fellow council members. If council members decide to move forward with the measure, then on April 19 the council will take public comment on the issue and take a final vote. Those four plans would be abolished if the measure is passed.
The Denver Post
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