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Morris: Dove's nest puts halt to home project

DEAR JOAN: A dumb, nest-building dove built her new home on the top of our 8-foot ladder, which is leaning against the house. I stopped immediately.How many weeks will I have to wait until the chicks leave the nest. John OttoBay AreaDEAR JOHN: I'm afraid you're stuck for the long haul. Instead, we will just be lucky spectators as she raises the two babies that hatched this week.How long do you think it will be before the nest will be vacated.
San Jose Mercury News
9 Points

Morris: Owlet grabbed by mysterious intruder

DEAR JOAN: We have a murder mystery in the Cupertino foothills that we are hoping you or your panel of experts can help us solve.A friend in the area has a barn owl house with web cameras inside, streaming video of the owl family 24/7. It was with another normal-colored raccoon, and they were comfortable with each other.I got a very good look at it, and that was quite a treat.JerryMartinezDEAR JERRY: That must have made you consider seeing an eye doctor.
San Jose Mercury News
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Morris: Oh no, talking crows!

I called, "Hello, hello." I was so surprised when it responded, "Hello, hello."I know it wasn't sending me a greeting, but could it have been mimicking something it heard. DEAR JOAN: Recently I was walking the dog past a school when I heard a high-pitched voice saying, "Hello, hello." I looked around and didn't see anyone, only a crow sitting on an overhead wire.Then I heard it again -- and again for a third time.
San Jose Mercury News
7 Points

Will feeding hummingbirds make them dependent?

DEAR JOAN: We have two hummingbird feeders that I clean and refill every week.Until now, there has always been quite a bit of sugar water left when I take them down. LindaBay AreaDEAR LINDA: You are one of the many lucky, depending on how you define luck, hummingbird lovers who are seeing their feeders mobbed by hungry hummers. Baby hummers can't fly and they only leave the nest to visit feeders and flowers when they are fully grown.
San Jose Mercury News
6 Points