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Home alone Alabama boy, 11, shoots armed intruder: 'He started crying like a little baby'

WVTM Chris Gaither, 11, was home alone when he encountered and shot the armed intruder at his Talladega, Ala., residence. “It went through the back of his leg and he started crying like a little baby.”The boy also revealed that he was scared during the confrontation.Although the boy’s mother was not identified in the WVTM-TV, she stood off-camera alongside Chris and explained that the suspect had burgled their home on another occasion.
Daily News
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Sports DeMarcus Ware honored by Alabama governor

Alabama native and NFL star DeMarcus Ware was honored by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and the state legislature following a standout season with the Denver Broncos.Bentley on Tuesday honored the outside linebacker at a ceremony declaring April 19 as DeMarcus Ware Day. Ware later addressed legislators on the floor of the House of Representatives.Ware, an Auburn native, played football at Troy University.
The Denver Post
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Alabama HS teacher married student he had sex with to try to keep her from testifying at trial: prosecutor

It was a "sham" wedding.An Alabama high school teacher married the former student he had sex with in an attempt to keep her from testifying at trial, a prosecutor charges.ALA. TEACHERS COULD HAVE CLASS TO PREVENT SEX WITH STUDENTSMatthew Shane Wester, 38, was indicted last year for having sexual contact with a student. Instagram Matthew Shane Wester married his former student, 18-year-old Amy Nicole Cox.
Daily News
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