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Sports DeMarcus Ware honored by Alabama governor

Alabama native and NFL star DeMarcus Ware was honored by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and the state legislature following a standout season with the Denver Broncos.Bentley on Tuesday honored the outside linebacker at a ceremony declaring April 19 as DeMarcus Ware Day. Ware later addressed legislators on the floor of the House of Representatives.Ware, an Auburn native, played football at Troy University.
The Denver Post
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State helicopter delivered wallet to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley at beach in 2014 after he left it at home 

Collier said Stabler and Bentley went around him to authorize the flight.The disagreement over who authorized the wallet retrieval is the latest back-and-forth between Bentley’s administration and Collier, who for years was the governor’s friend and appointee.Collier last month accused Bentley of having an affair with a high-ranking staff member. Bentley did not request a specific method be used to relay his wallet from Tuscaloosa to Fort Morgan .
Daily News
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