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People Virgo

You've got enough get-up-and-go as it is.By keywords">Kelli Fox, The keywords">AstrologerWhat do the rating, keywords">intensity, keywords, mood words mean. It's great that you're filled once again with your usual can-do attitude, but try to be realistic about how much you can actually accomplish. Your energy returns today, and you can tackle the demands of the day with vigor -- except there's a good chance you'll overdo it.
The Age
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Five signs you’ve finally become a grown up

Sadly growing up generally means you just don’t bounce the way you used to.YOU’VE ACCEPTED THE FACT THAT YOU NOW HAVE TO PAY FOR INCREDIBLY BORING BUT NECESSARY ITEMSThere’s something about forking out $200 for a vacuum cleaner or replacing a bung iron that feels depressingly grown up. Keep in mind, these people also come from the land where an overwhelming majority of the population think a $380 million ship should be called Boaty McBoatface.But what about us fair dinkum Aussies.
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