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Travel Ask Amy: Friendship strained by one woman's "bossy" nature (4/26/16)

Upset Dear Upset: Generally, when someone tells you she has discussed your relationship in therapy, it's not a good sign. Marry an Orphan Dear Marry: This reader wanted to find a way to reconcile, not continue an estrangement. My last relationship was very heartbreaking.I began reconnecting with old school friends (back in my hometown), especially one woman I've known since high school. She and I even traveled on several trips together.I sensed her distancing herself, but I didn't push it.
The Denver Post
24 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Husband and wife at odds over his parents' comments, actions (4/10/16)

Sad Dad Dear Dad: Your wife does not have the right to deny you the opportunity to interact with your parents . My wife seems to feel it is acceptable to have no contact with my family at all.Amy, how can I get my wife to look past this and have a simplified relationship with my parents rather than none at all. Dear Amy: Regarding "Vexed," who had a friend that always canceled plans, I, too, have a longtime friend, "Susie," who often cancels plans .
The Denver Post
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