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Crowdfunding for a cause

The organization raised $16,626 in a crowdfunding campaign last year, according to Dori Caminong, the organization's head of special events, civic and social innovation. Now GLIDE is raising money on Tilt.com to buy laptops for children and young adults living in the organization's Cecil Williams community housing in the Tenderloin.Crowdfunding helps GLIDE engage with a new audience, Caminong said.
San Jose Mercury News
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Brooklyn mom, 21, vanishes after going out for Chinese food

The NYPD asked for the public’s help Wednesday in finding a young Brooklyn woman who vanished a week ago.Destiny Dawson, 21, left her apartment on Park Ave. Police Handout Destiny Dawson, 21, was reported missing on April 21.
Daily News
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Tornado outbreak, 5 years later: Piecing lives back together

John Nero, 58, said he lost his home of 20 years when the tornado hit his Tuscaloosa neighborhood. A separate twister hit Tuscaloosa, where Hughes' daughter was a student at the University of Alabama. Vince Hughes is still haunted by that same tornado.Nightmares are less frequent now, but Hughes said he can't rid himself of the memory of a crying woman who lost her daughter and was left to care for her young granddaughter. New construction is juxtaposed with grassy, wind-swept expanses.
The Denver Post
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Travel Ask Amy: Stepdad upset after his stepson throws expensive ? and illegal ? party (4/22/16)

Dear Amy: My stepson recently turned 21. Your job is to forgive him.Dear Amy: I have a wonderful husband. Upset Stepdad Dear Upset: Your stepson made a terrible mistake typical of his age-group and maturity level. A diagnosis, education, coaching and strategies might be a game-changer for him.Dear Amy: The question from "Frustrated" made my blood boil. Your friendship might not be salvageable, unfortunately.This is about boundaries.
The Denver Post
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