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Former Chargers doctor could lose medical license over Junior Seau treatment 

Related Stories Ex-players ask appeals court to review NFL concussion settlement NFL players experience low blood flow to brain: study Thurman Thomas can't control mood swings because of concussions Tags: junior seau , nfl , san diego chargers . Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Junior Seau battled depression and sleep deprivation prior to his 2012 suicide.
Daily News
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Travel Ask Amy: Depression leaves person feeling "dead in the water " (4/27/16)

Dead in the Water Dear Dead: Your depression is not your ex-fiancé's fault, and your unemployment is not the fault of the system. Do not criticize the parents, but do say, "You know, I was a little boy like you. Everybody has challenges, and I know you do, too." Share your story, offer them lots of opportunities to be with you, and love them through this.Dear Amy: Two years ago I lost my fiancé to a breakup. I raised three wonderful and successful children with my wife of three decades.
The Denver Post
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Sports Report: Rafael Palmeiro's post-PED life filled with shame, depression

After the truth comes the fall.At least that's how life unfolded for Rafael Palmeiro, the first high-profile baseball player to be busted for steroid usage.In a riveting account of Palmiero's life after-PEDs, Flinder Boyd of Fox Sports details the depression, shame and loneliness that overwhelmed the former Cubs, Rangers and Orioles star after his suspension in 2005 and subsequent exile."I was done with baseball. I hated it," he tells Fox.
San Jose Mercury News
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How one student's art and experience shed light on a shadowy subject

Along with Kiana's mother, Kristy Arellano, Stewart testified before the state legislature in favor of strengthening cyberbullying laws.Arellano attended the exhibit with her daughter."For her to take what happened to Kiana, take a difficult situation and make something positive ? I couldn't be prouder," says Arellano, who wrote one of the poems accompanying Stewart's sculpture on suicide.Stewart employed a variety of materials: plaster-of-paris, baling wire, newspaper, rope, fabric, hot glue, mirrors.
The Denver Post
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