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Travel Want to stay at a B&B shaped like a great big beagle? You can in Idaho.

We packed our cars and greeted Dennis and Frances in the shop.Dennis talked to Heidi and me about following your heart and knowing when you're on the right path. While Frances processed our paperwork, Dennis walked out of his shop and welcomed us. Frances gently pressed a beagle stamp onto the back of the girls' hands."Travel well," Dennis said. Dennis is a chain-saw artist whose big break came two decades ago when QVC sold his canine carvings for 18 months.
The Denver Post
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Sports Daniel Dennis gets Olympic bid in battle of Hawkeyes

And you know what, you do get what you earn.”Dennis is the 18th wrestler in Hawkeye history to earn Olympian status. He’s going to have to sleep with my son, Beacon, though.”Dennis never truly walked away from wrestling, however, and it turned out his competitive fire never extinguished, either. The biggest prizes of Daniel Dennis’ competitive life slipped through his hands time and again and left him with shattered wrestling dreams.Twice a state finalist but never a titlist.
USA Today
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