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People Could meatballs made in a lab really taste like the real thing?

In August 2013, a team of Dutch scientists showed off their lab-grown burger (cost: $435,000) and even provided a taste test. "Stem cells are, in principle, capable of making omega-3 fatty acids. If we can tap into that machinery of the cell, then we could make healthier hamburgers," says Post, who is working on the fat content of lab-grown beef.Unfortunately, potentially carcinogenic compounds found would be harder to get rid of. Healthier omega-3 fatty acids could take its place.
The Age
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Cheap debt means default rates will be lower for longer too

 That might work for lenders but for shareholders, zombie companies are no good. The Australian economy experienced its first quarter of deflation in seven years this year, forcing many economists to flip their rate calls from a hike to a cut.The corporate credit experience in Japan was one where companies were able to service their interest payments by virtue of the near-zero debts, even though they struggled to grow their profits.They could be described as "zombie companies" .
Financial Review
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