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Travel Ask Amy: Listen to guilty conscience when sleeping with boss' husband

The guilt you're feeling is evidence that you have a conscience, and your conscience is telling you what to do. Dear Amy: I'm a waitress and bartender at a restaurant in a small town. We have mutual friends that we both go out with, including her husband "Tim." Wendy and Tim are separated and going through a divorce. You are risking your self-esteem and your employment by sleeping with your boss' husband.Dear Amy: For most of our 20-year marriage I have cooked for our family.
The Denver Post
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Pope's 'Joy of Love' urges Catholics to be less judgmental on divorce, gays

And he went further by explicitly linking such discussions of conscience with access to the sacraments. Such recourse to the use of a "well-formed conscience" and the internal forum in negotiating tricky moral issues is not new by any means. But Francis made no mention of the "unlawful birth control methods" cited and rejected in "Humanae Vitae." Instead he focused on the need for couples in their conscience to make responsible decisions about their family size.
San Jose Mercury News
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