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People Could meatballs made in a lab really taste like the real thing?

In August 2013, a team of Dutch scientists showed off their lab-grown burger (cost: $435,000) and even provided a taste test. "Stem cells are, in principle, capable of making omega-3 fatty acids. If we can tap into that machinery of the cell, then we could make healthier hamburgers," says Post, who is working on the fat content of lab-grown beef.Unfortunately, potentially carcinogenic compounds found would be harder to get rid of. Healthier omega-3 fatty acids could take its place.
The Age
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Authorities release Prince’s 911 call as medical history is revealed

each year.”While Prince’s music career shone brightly in the spotlight, less was known about his overwhelming medical history.In April, 2009, he discussed his struggle with epilepsy to People Magazine, describing how he “used to have seizures when I was young. For me, it was very, very hard to move forward and for us as a couple I think it probably broke us.”- [email protected]
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Does modern society discriminate against late sleepers?

Lack of sleep can lead to developmental issues for students as well as physical ones.Closer to home, flexible school starting hours have been floated or put in place by a number of schools since 2014, with some schools offering students a choice of timetables, such as 8.50am-3.30pm, 10.30am-5.15pm, or 7.15am-1.15pm.Shifting office hours for grownups, on the other hand, still seems like a slightly utopian vision, and the research on chronotypes is still in its infancy.
The Age
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