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Two cruise passengers from U.S. missing in Jamaica, may have traveled to Montego Bay

Alisha Frank, 32, and Hayden Gerson, 33, went missing after their cruise ship docked in Jamaica. "It is up to each of us to take a break and come back to our inner goodness by being as present as possible." A number of cruise ship passengers have gone missing in Jamaica in recent years and reappeared later unharmed.
Daily News
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Travel Map Game: Where is Cuba?

Play the map game hereCheck back here Friday for a map of where everyone guessed where Cuba is. Click and drag the marker to where you think Cuba is on this map of the Caribbean (it's the crotch of the "x" that appears when you drag the marker that marks where your guess will count). When you drop it, the answer will appear, and you'll see how your guess compares with everyone else who has played.
The Denver Post
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Caribbean fast food: Where to stop for food on the go

In fact, KFC is incredibly popular in Jamaica. Instead of lining up for the Caribbean version of the Whopper or Hot ‘n’ Ready Pizza, hungry travelers are better off choosing a local version of fast food. A popular franchise is Pollo Tropical, which has outlets in other islands throughout the Caribbean.If a traveler is going to be an adventurous eater, they’ll also want to try some of the local Caribbean soft drinks. We stopped at a Juici Patties and I treated the driver to lunch.
USA Today
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