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San Francisco tree at center of dispute among neighbors

But the committee deadlocked 2-2 in July and now the decision is up to the Board of Supervisors.Attorney Barri Bonapart, who represents the home owner, says the tree it's an ordinary pine that poses problems for the home's infrastructure."It's a lovely tree. It's just in the worst possible place," Bonapart said.
The Denver Post
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Santa Clara County: Federal report spreads blame for jail problems

Instead, the two peace officers who wrote the report for the institute, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Justice, echo many of the concerns the guards' union has long expressed, particularly about staffing, training and promotions.The new assessment could lend those complaints more legitimacy -- and a better chance of being fixed.
San Jose Mercury News
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San Francisco's 4/20 plans include street closures, increased police, traffic enforcement

Authorities will also be cracking down on any unpermitted booths and concessions in the park and in surrounding neighborhoods. Speaking today at San Francisco's Park Station, police warned that uniformed and plainclothes officers will be increased in the park and in surrounding neighborhoods, as will park rangers and juvenile probation officers. Additional street closures may occur if police determine they are necessary for public safety.
San Jose Mercury News
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Herhold: What's the fight between Laurie Smith and LaDoris Cordell really about?

Since then, with the blessing of the board of supervisors, the blue-ribbon Cordell commission has been hearing testimony about jail problems. A few hours before the fight, the two had met at Hobee's in Palo Alto, and Smith tried to persuade Cordell to moderate the commission's recommendations. The blue-ribbon commission has made 120 recommendations -- everything from installing an independent auditor to improving the inmate welfare fund. She suspended other guards who had exchanged racist messages.
San Jose Mercury News
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