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Travel Ask Amy: Parents wonder if adult son, in his mid-40s, might be autistic (5/17/2016)

Wondering Coach Dear Coach: I don't understand why you would "play a child last" because the parent hasn't paid the team's fee. Dear Amy: I am a volunteer for a youth sports league. The parent still has not paid.Amy, I hate to take this out on a child, but I am faced with either asking the child to leave the team, or playing the child last all year. Last year, a child on our team lost a parent and grandparent in quick succession.
The Denver Post
59 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Wife "overwhelmed" by husband's lack of help with infant son (5/3/2016)

We don't expect our parents to chip in.Suddenly, my stepbrother proposed to his girlfriend of three months. If the farm is already cleaned up for your stepbrother's summer wedding, you might want to also use the venue in the fall.Dear Amy: I'm weighing in on the impact of grandparents "playing favorites" with their grandchildren.My kids all knew that their grandmother favored their cousins. My father said they knew I would be upset, but there's nothing they could've done about it.
The Denver Post
28 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Woman wonders if her partner should help pay for birth control (5/2/2016)

Dear Amy: I am in a long-term relationship, and my partner and I are beginning to discuss birth control options (in particular, the pill). Conflicted Dear Conflicted: Your partner should share in your birth control decisions, and he should also share in the cost. Your partner should do his best to share this responsibility, out of respect to you and the mutual choice you are making not to get pregnant.If you were not in a committed and exclusive relationship (i.e.
The Denver Post
25 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Mother with epilepsy tested by her teen's behavior (5/1/2016)

Wondering About Rules Dear Wondering: If you received a "Save the Date" card for a wedding, you should then have received an invitation to the wedding. Is she subconsciously preparing for negative results from the surgery. Dear Amy: I've been dealing with epilepsy and its unknown causes for more than 20 years. Incompetent Mom Dear Mom: You daughter is behaving like a typical teen, but in a stressful and atypical situation. Anything I say is argued, corrected or simply tagged as wrong.
The Denver Post
19 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Adult only child feels the strain of living five hours away from her aging parents (4/29/2016)

might be necessary.Dear Amy: My childhood friend is getting married. Wedding Worried Dear Worried: I assume you are relieved that you have been stripped of your matron of honor duties. She may not see it that way.Dear Amy: I want to tell the poor man who signed his letter "Divided Family" that it is OK to cut off contact when someone is abusive. Judging by the mail I receive from exhausted and impoverished wedding attendants, you're living the dream.However, being a bride is (also) extremely stressful.
The Denver Post
20 Points

Travel Ask Amy: "Happy Wife" shares her rules for a happy marriage (4/28/2016)

Dear Frustrated: The last thing you should do is encourage your stepdaughter to cohabit with her boyfriend. She pays rent of $400, including everything.Her boyfriend of three years now also lives with his parents, but he pays them no rent. They party every weekend and then she stays the weekend at her boyfriend's parents house. Happy Wife Dear Happy Wife: Your rules for a happy marriage are wise. Dear Amy: My wife's daughter (age 26) has lived with us for the past five years.
The Denver Post
24 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Depression leaves person feeling "dead in the water " (4/27/16)

Dead in the Water Dear Dead: Your depression is not your ex-fiancé's fault, and your unemployment is not the fault of the system. Do not criticize the parents, but do say, "You know, I was a little boy like you. Everybody has challenges, and I know you do, too." Share your story, offer them lots of opportunities to be with you, and love them through this.Dear Amy: Two years ago I lost my fiancé to a breakup. I raised three wonderful and successful children with my wife of three decades.
The Denver Post
17 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Friendship strained by one woman's "bossy" nature (4/26/16)

Upset Dear Upset: Generally, when someone tells you she has discussed your relationship in therapy, it's not a good sign. Marry an Orphan Dear Marry: This reader wanted to find a way to reconcile, not continue an estrangement. My last relationship was very heartbreaking.I began reconnecting with old school friends (back in my hometown), especially one woman I've known since high school. She and I even traveled on several trips together.I sensed her distancing herself, but I didn't push it.
The Denver Post
24 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Is it okay for adults to tell kids: 'Grab me a beer'? (4/25/16)

The least you should do is thank the couple for the invitation and express your excitement about their news. Recently, at a family gathering, I overheard my father-in-law ask my oldest to grab him a "beer" from an ice chest.My father-in-law is overweight and drinks a lot. Any invitation should be received with gratitude, even if it is to an event you won't be attending.Your husband's "stepgrandson" (maybe you could start to think of him as a grandson) is about to add a family member to the mix.
The Denver Post
21 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Mother sad she doesn't see her married adult sons more (4/24/16)

I have three sons and get very sad when it comes to the holidays.Why is it that daughters-in-law feel that their side of the family is more important than their husband's side of the family. not necessarily to punish their husbands' parents, but because they have known their own parents for their whole lives.This orientation toward their own parents and its impact on the couple starts with the wedding and continues through pregnancies and then on to the birth of their children.
The Denver Post
19 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Listen to guilty conscience when sleeping with boss' husband

The guilt you're feeling is evidence that you have a conscience, and your conscience is telling you what to do. Dear Amy: I'm a waitress and bartender at a restaurant in a small town. We have mutual friends that we both go out with, including her husband "Tim." Wendy and Tim are separated and going through a divorce. You are risking your self-esteem and your employment by sleeping with your boss' husband.Dear Amy: For most of our 20-year marriage I have cooked for our family.
The Denver Post
17 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Stepdad upset after his stepson throws expensive ? and illegal ? party (4/22/16)

Dear Amy: My stepson recently turned 21. Your job is to forgive him.Dear Amy: I have a wonderful husband. Upset Stepdad Dear Upset: Your stepson made a terrible mistake typical of his age-group and maturity level. A diagnosis, education, coaching and strategies might be a game-changer for him.Dear Amy: The question from "Frustrated" made my blood boil. Your friendship might not be salvageable, unfortunately.This is about boundaries.
The Denver Post
22 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Wife worried about husband's hobby with another woman (4/20/16)

Dear Amy: My parents are entering the retirement phase of life and they have enlisted the help of a financial planner. To Tell or Not to Tell Dear To Tell: You and/or your parents should tell this person the truth . Worried Wife Dear Worried: Your husband knew this would be a problem for you, and this is why he chose to hide it from you. My husband says he didn't tell me because he was afraid I would get upset.
The Denver Post
27 Points

Travel Ask Amy: Woman's "emotional affair" with co-worker takes its toll (4/19/16)

Sad Dear Sad: You say that you and "Brian" have not done anything to encourage a relationship, b-u-u-u-t ... He doesn't do anything to encourage a relationship between us, and neither do I.He is in the process of getting divorced and I know he doesn't want to come between my husband and me. Dear Amy: I thought I had the perfect marriage until I met "Brian" about three years ago. I've been married for 26 years and have never looked at or thought about another man before.
The Denver Post
16 Points