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Girl killed in bathroom 'didn't believe in fighting,' friends say

You need more people that care about kids,” he said.As it was, Amy was often the one who calmly counseled her friends, many said. Amil Gibbs, a sophomore at Howard, said she would sit with Amy during lunch and tell her about problems she had in school.  Friends and neighbors knew Amy Inita Joyner-Francis as the quiet teen who would focus on her homework.
USA Today
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Travel Ask Amy: Wife worried about husband's hobby with another woman (4/20/16)

Dear Amy: My parents are entering the retirement phase of life and they have enlisted the help of a financial planner. To Tell or Not to Tell Dear To Tell: You and/or your parents should tell this person the truth . Worried Wife Dear Worried: Your husband knew this would be a problem for you, and this is why he chose to hide it from you. My husband says he didn't tell me because he was afraid I would get upset.
The Denver Post
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